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Hosted by Shawn Davis, a successfully married relationship and singles coach who shows you the ropes on what truly matters when you are dating in a swipe right market. Sign up below and choose your episode freebie from the latest shows:

At The Coupling Up Podcast, it's my mission to help you find healthier romance by avoiding all those dating problems like catfishing, ghosting, and breadcrumbing. Each episode will highlight a problem with dating in the swipe right culture with listener questions answered by a licensed therapist. You can submit your dating confession below

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"You see, this is all we need. A couple smokes, a cup of coffee, and a little bit of conversation. You and me and five bucks." – Reality Bites

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Watch: Dating Readiness after Breaking Up

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The weekly podcast will cover a new dating problem each week with listener feedback and dating stories so you are never surprised when you couple up.

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About The Host.

Shawn is a married in Tampa, Florida where she lives with her husband and son. As happy as that sounds, it was not always this way. Shawn was clueless, confused, hurt, and broken in the early 2000's. Her training in abusive relationships, grief, and marriage counseling inspired her to step away from counseling and bring you all the tools and support you can use to learn how to Couple Up without modern dating games that steal your joy and hope. 


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"I set up my Bumble! It was easy... now I'm swiping and it's fun to find some people I'm initially attracted to. I'm in no rush, so this step is fun enough, ya know? I'm curious to see what happens next... Thanks for your Online Dating Course! I'm not sure I would have felt as comfortable taking this step if it wasn't for you and your teachings..."