February 16

Actors, scams, catfishing…oh my!


When you date in a crowded, swipe right dating market, you will find yourself among the numerous catfishers who aim to steal your dream of romance. They will lie, exaggerate, cheat, and steal their way into your life with no intention on staying in a relationship. When we watch the TV show by the same name: Catfish…it appears that it’s as easy as a photo search to spot fake accounts. In reality, it’s so much harder with technology and acting tools. But we will hear a story of a smart dater who still got lured into a scam….well almost:

Let me show you my clues to spotting the modern catfishing scam and I will even share a friend’s DATING CONFESSION that was recorded at the website: http://www.couplinguppodcast.com 


catfishing, dating, scam

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