February 9

Ghosting, Caspering, and Crappy Rules


It’s easy to waste your time on dating apps and speed dating events but to actually meet someone meaningful is pretty hard. With licensed relationship therapist and coach, Shawn Davis highlights a problem each week and gives some tips on navigating these areas. This week’s journey leads us on a path to discover why the hell we ghost and how to handle the dreaded silence on the other end of that text.  

Today’s Tips:

  • Excuses can sound reasonable, but even a  justified need for space or silence still needs to be communicated in order for safety to exist.  
  • Consider 2 options:
    • move on to partners who highlight your need for communication
    • try to work it out by speaking up for your needs with this person, if they are still around and communicating
  • Honor yourself by asking  if this moment allows me to be my most authentic self.

Go to http://www.couplinguppodcast.com to download your ghosting checklist and leave episode feedback or record your own dating story.


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